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Mo & Lola

Molola is many people, we are almost everyone who has an element of curiosity seasoned with some imagination.

Lola, at only 9 years old, draws and designs with everything within her reach, Mo, makes her designs a reality transforming them into exciting and unique t-shirts; and this is how making their own creations rose the idea of introducing the world to the 'concept'

Molola is the wonderful knowledge in that each creation in the 9 year old imagination of Lola is almost a mystery until it sees the light!!!!

Together we think what we are going to design, how to capture expression and which fabrics and accessories we will use, we draw, cut, stick, sew and a final fabulous result. Our creations make our environment happy.

In my desire to spend time with Lola, this delicious project accidently came up, with the help and patience of my friends I was guided into this vast and unknown 'patchwork world'. Just the simple fact that you can express you vision of things through various combinations of silhouettes, fabrics has made me enjoy embarking on this textile adventure that fascinates me and we want to share it with you.

Surround by a large team of professionals, with thousands of fabulous iniciatives, pulling together this huge bag of fantastic ideas wrapping together Mo and Lola we have a lot to tell and share, here and now begins our online game that we love so much.

With Molola, the whole world starring in their own story and what they decide to tell, because each t-shirt has a beauty to say or tell something, created for and by this moment, in which you give your time for that that you dedicate your time for almost all We enjoy sharing our time and we love to design garments for two. You can imagine, create and design on our website exactly like we would do, you can have designs like your daughter, sizes available from 2 years old to XL adult, just let yourself be guided and see incredible results!

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Molola takes care of the quality of each garment, all made with brushed Egyptian Cotton 90% cotton- 10% lycra (made in Europe).

With the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 guarantee, whose objective is to ensure that textiles are free from harmful substances.

Because we like details and quality, we take care of with whole process as if it were a masterpiece. Not a stitch out of place, no excess thread, all is delicate and treated as such.

Our product is designed to be enjoyed, to be a memory, a moment in time, customized with love and it endures, more than these reasons to love Molola, together we can create our environment, a little corner to release our imagination and shape our fantasies, something 'authentic and real'.



Taking care with love, customizing every shipment, ensuring that every time someone receives 'Molola' it is a unique experience and making the 'No one like you' moment very special.