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Things you should know.

Below are things that you should know about MOLOLA and how we do things.

If you do not find the answer to your questions, please contact us at Customer Services. We will reply in 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Delivery

  2. Payment methods

  3. Adjustments and returns

  4. General information

  5. Patterns and measurements

  6. Our fabrics

  7. Quality

1. Delivery

A. Secure delivery

All of our deliveries are by Messenger or a courier company, all of which can be tracked.

B. Does Molola send all over the World?

We send all over the World and the delivery times are 15 days in Spain and a maximum of 20 days for the rest of the World (unless you live at the top of Everest and we need time to find some sherpas!) We are the fastest in our market!

All of our orders are sent by courier with the leading company MRW.

C. How can I get free delivery?

At the moment we do not offer free delivery but we are working to find the best prices. We do not earn money out of the delivery, the best prices we find we pass on to you.

D. Will I have to pay taxes or customs charges on my order?

This depends on the country and the state of the delivery address, the customs costs and taxes are different from country to country. Get in touch with your local customs office if you are not sure of the possible taxes and import duty applicable to your order. You have to take into account that taxes and import duties are not included in the price.

E. How can I reorganise the delivery of my order?

If you know in advance that you are not going to be in your house at the time of delivery, or the delivery company have tried to deliver the package and have been unable to do so, contact your nearest MRW office.

If you are having problems contacting their offices, contact us directly and we will assist you.

2. Payment methods

F. What methods of payment are available?

MOLOLA offers the following 2 methods of payment:

  • Visa, MasterCard or Maestro- through the secure encrypted SSL- EV system.
  • PayPal, an independent payment system offered as a secure alternative.

PayPal accepts a wide range of payment methods: Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club) and it also accepts debit cards and cheques. Take into account that you do not need a Paypal account to make a payment.

G. Can I pay by bank transfer or on delivery?

We are sorry but we only except payment by credit card or Paypal. The accepted credits cards are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express or Diners Club

H. Are the methods of payment secure?

These methods of payments use a secure connection with the encryption SSL-EV during transactions, guaranteeing the privacy and security of your details.

You will receive a charge to your credit card under "MOLOLA "

3. Adjustments and returns

I. What happens if my item is not made exactly to my design?

MOLOLA creates all of its products individually and by hand (ok, the embroidery is sewn by a seamstress on her machine), and we make the final design as true as possible to what you have created, but take into account that the materials and the additional elements are hand placed following your designs and there may be tiny variations

J. How can I return an item?

In the 7 days following the receipt of your order, go to your user area of and request a form to return your item.

Please include as much information as possible (photos help the most) to help our customer service department to inform our seamstresses correctly and then they can authorize a return. We will not accept a returned item that has not been previously authorised. We do not provide refunds, only vouchers.

K. My order is missing a garment or a garment has arrived incomplete. What do I do?

In the 7 days following receipt of your order, go to your client account and open a request to apply for a replacement. Explain the elements that are incorrect with your order giving the most information possible and our customer service department will respond within 48 hours.

4. General information

L. Can I make changes to my order?

If you want to make changes to your order up to 24 hours after payment is made, please contact us. After 24 hours, the order is in production and the fabric has been cut and so we do not accept any changes at this point.

M. I want to cancel my order. How do I do it?

If you have not paid for your order, go to your user account and delete the order. If you have paid for your order in the last 24 hours, contact us in order to proceed with the cancellation.

N. Can you combine two orders into one?

Of course. If you have placed an order which has not yet been sent, any following orders can be joined with that order and sent together. If you have paid for delivery on both orders, we will refund you so you only pay delivery once. Please, contact us directly if you have any doubts.

5. Patterns and measurements

O. How do you make a garment to measure?

You have selected:

  • Style of t-shirt, long or short sleeved
  • The t-shirt colour
  • One or various silhouettes
  • A fabric for each silhouette
  • A thread for the embroidery

When you make your order:

  • The fabric is cut in the colour that you selected and it is created individually
  • The silhouettes are cut in the fabric and size that you selected
  • The silhouette is positioned on the garment following the criteria of your design
  • The silhouette is embroidered on the garment using the thread that you selected.
  • Some lovely ladies iron and fold the garment
  • Some men who always arrive on time collect your garment from the lovely lady and bring it to you!

P. Does MOLOLA offer garments in all sizes?

MOLOLA will also soon have available in stock designs by other users for you to buy.

6. Our fabrics

MOLOLA´S fabrics are specially created by our design team. They work, with the latest trends to bring fashion into your home. Our fabrics are perfectly adapted, thanks to their great quality and the technology used to produce them.

7. Quality

The quality is one of our biggest concerns and it holds an important part in the production process. We control it from the start to the finish together with our suppliers, from base materials, pattern, print and delivery to your home.

From our beginnings we have committed to I+D which has been our prime objective, constantly investing in new technologies. MOLOLA provides a European guarantee with the certificate of quality OEKO-TEX. This certificate confirms that no harmful substances are used in the production of our garments.